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Welcome to Kellamino Special Highschool.

our high is a center of excellence with talented studdnts clean and fresh enviroment good interaction amongest the school communities standard laboratories and suitable teaching and learning area along with its stunning enviroment full with green plants making the school fresh. These all are the specials of the school with its competent and cooparative students living in standard dormitories.the teachers are also well qualified. like.

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  • first semister starts September 22.
  • break from January 15-28
  • second semister starts February 29.
  • end of the year June 16
  • science fair day May 25.
  • anniversary of the school November 29

    * To become a bench mark, a role model and a centre of excellence that demonstrates and diffuses all dimensions of quality education to all the secondary schools in Tigrai and ultimately breeds itself to other areas of Tigrai regional state there by contributing to the formation of human capital on the region.
    * To become an internationally recognized and centre of excellence in high school education. To produce professionally knowledgeable, skilled ethically sound citizens and to prepare them for the promotion to the college of technology. To demonstrate organized modelling effect of good quality education.


day of nations and nationalities was held with different shows.

the celebration mainly aims in announcing the cultures of different nations.

many of the spectators really enjoyed the celebration.

  • meeting at the auditorium on the graduation of grade 12 students.

  • in such times there are a lot of programmes in addition to the graduation of the students.

    performance at the stage by students and teachers.

    every day in the morning there are programmes which are presentd to teach and enjoy the students.

    The school is always clean,fresh,and interesting to learn in so most of the time students and teachers are concentrated on their work which gives them an experience to do jobs effectively.

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